Can humans get worms from dogs and cats

Can Humans Get Worms From Dogs and Cats? [2022 Guide]

Are parasitical infections transmissible between pets and humans? Or is it really possible for humans to catch worms from dogs and cats? For the shortest and most straightforward answer, Yes, humans can get worms from dogs and cats. For more details, continue reading.

Most of the time, when pet parents treat their dogs and cats for worms, their primary concern is the pet’s welfare. However, a few of them know how much better we are doing for ourselves while deworming our pets.

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Dogs and Cats are known for spreading worms to their human parent. Or, as they state it medically, Zoonotic illnesses are infectious diseases that transfer between humans and animals.

The transmission can work from humans to animals and animals to humans. However, the spread from dogs and cats to humans isn’t very likely, and one can follow various measures to control it.

What are the chances of getting worms from your dog?

The chances of getting worms from your dog are less likely, but the possibilities are still there.

There have been multiple reported cases where pet owners catch worm infections since their dog was suffering from the same.

It happens since house pets and their human parents spend significant time together with much physical proximity.

For instance, while assisting a worm-infected dog, their pet parents, especially the kids in the house, can likely get the infection.

The possibilities of parasitical infection transmission between pets and humans most likely occur due to unhygienic practices.

Can humans get worms from dogs and cats

Can I get worms from my dog sleeping in my bed?

As much as it is comforting for a dog, sleeping with them in bed is as risky for humans.

Amongst most pet parents, one of the widespread practices is sharing beds with their canines.

Some do it out of love, some due to their caregiving attitude, while some are craving physical presence themselves.

However, there are both benefits and disadvantages to sharing beds with dogs.

It is possible for humans to get worm infections from their dogs while sleeping alone.

Humans can catch intestinal worms, including roundworms, tapeworms, or hookworms, upon sharing the same bed as their dogs.

It happens since there are possibilities that the responsible human may come in accidental contact with the dog’s fecal.

Infected dogs also occasionally scoot in the bed, making it easier to transfer the infection.

They may not intentionally do that to harm their human parents, but the possibilities are still vital.

Can I get worms from my dog licking me?

Yes, the possibilities of getting from your dog while they lick you are pretty high. Zoonotic diseases and parasites easily transfer through a dog’s saliva. Since dogs are known for self-grooming, they may occasionally have worm eggs on their tongue.

These eggs can further pass to humans due to the dog’s licking behavior. Thus, before you kiss a dog or let him kiss you, make sure his nose and mouth are clean. Also, think about where their face has been before that.


Can humans get Whipworms from dogs?

Whipworm infection is very likely transmissible from dogs to humans. Whipworms are exclusive parasites of the dog, and they are specifically known as Trichuris vulpis. Humans cannot catch any particular worm infection from dogs.

The one’s human beings especially suffer from pinworms, and that is often confused with Whipworms.


Can humans get Tapeworms from dogs?

Yes, humans can catch Tapeworm infection from dogs; however, the risk of transmission is shallow.

For a human being to catch Tapeworm infection or Dipylidium, it is essential that they must accidentally swallow an infected flea.

Another standard and very susceptible route of infection are through contact with dogs’ feces. Individuals who are less cautious about maintaining hygiene are prone to catching such infections.

However, Tapeworms don’t particularly grow inside humans’ bodies, but they can cause a dangerous cyst. Those cysts are later only curable through a removable operation.

That is why it is essential to ensure the practice of washing hands frequently. Especially before eating and drinking and after playing with pets.


Can humans get Roundworms from dogs?

Roundworms or toxocariasis is one of the zoonotic diseases that easily transfer from dogs to humans.

However, humans are not the natural hosts for Roundworms. Instead, cats (Toxocara cati) and dogs (Toxocara Canis) are the natural hosts.

The roundworm infection that impacts humans is known as Ascaris lumbricoides which is often a result of poop sanitization and hygiene.

Human beings catch roundworm infection but swallow the larvae of cat or dog roundworm. However, these larvae don’t mature or reproduce inside humans; thus, they aren’t the ones who transfer the infection further. Roundworm infections in humans can lead to eye, lung, heart, and neurologic issues.

To prevent the transmission of Roundworms from dogs to humans,

  • Wash hands after touching soils, plants, and sand.
  • Wash hands after playing with or treating animals in any way.
  • Avoid cuddling with your infected dog.
  • Maintain extreme hygiene amongst pets, especially after they poop and pee.
  • Keep all the areas of your home clean from dogs’ feces.

Can humans get Heartworms from dogs?

A heartworm or Dirofilaria immitis is a species of parasitic worm. The transmission of Heartworm from dogs to humans is very rare, though yet possible.

However, dogs don’t transfer Heartworm to humans through their bodily fluids or waste. Instead, the transfer of Heartworm from dogs to humans happens due to mosquito bites.

When a mosquito sucks the blood of an infected dog, heartworms reproduce in the gut of that mosquito. Later, when they suck in human blood, they transfer the infection to the second host.

Heartworms are never fully mature in humans. The parasite dies young most of the time, and our body reacts to its tissue with inflammation. However, if they thrive, humans may experience symptoms including:

  • Coughing up blood
  • Pain in chest
  • Wheezing
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Abnormal cough
  • Fluid builds up around the lungs.

Can humans get Hookworms from dogs?

Yes, Hookworms that live in dogs can quickly transfer to humans as well. It commonly spreads to humans who often walk barefooted on gardens, beaches, or soil exposed to dogs’ feces.

Hookworm larvae usually enter from any section of the skin and visible tracks their way. The infection may cause extreme discomfort to the individual; however, the condition is curable.

Can humans get worms from cats?

Yes, humans can get worms from cats as well. However, not all parasitical infections are transmissible from cats to humans.

There are only certain types of worms that humans can get from cats. Typically, only the worms that live inside the cat’s intestine are transmissible.

Wrapping up…

Maintaining hygiene is the most valuable and effective way of stopping worm transfer between pets and humans. Not walking barefoot and washing your hand after every pet exposure can save you.

And especially when the pets at your home are suffering from any kind of parasitical infection, ensure extra sanitization of the entire house. Also, make sure you keep the kids in a safer bubble since they are prone to catching infections more likely than adults.