Can Dogs Eat Cotton Candy

Can Dogs Eat Cotton Candy? +How Much is Safe?

Your dog may be delighted at the sight of candy, but should they have their way? Dogs certainly deserve a good life, they may not be able to talk using human languages, but their gestures sometimes give away their inclinations.

However, it must be noted that not everything good for humans can be considered good for dogs.

Hence the question, “Can dog eat cotton candy?”

The answer to the aforementioned question is a big No! There are several reasons for this stance, chief among which is the fact that they contain artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners could have a rather adverse effect on the overall health of a man’s best friend.

What Is The Consequence Of Your Dog Eatingcotton Candy?

I always advise people who ask me questions such as this to take a quick study of the constituents of such items.

First and foremost, the majority of Candies are made up of xylitol an artificial sweetener capable of increasing Insulin flow in the body which would, in turn, lead to a drop in sugar levels.

This by extension causes damage to the liver and causes metabolism in the dog in addition to tooth decay.

It should, however, be noted that cotton candy won’t directly kill your dog. However, it would lead to a situation where there would be an increase and drop in blood sugar levels.

It is a known fact that dogs are quite lighter than human beings; hence the same sugar amounts may affect them more.

Possible Effects Of Cotton Candy On Your Dog

Humans like you and I may have no issues with eating candy and ice cream, however, from what we have discussed so far, they aren’t ideal for dogs.

Even though sugar may be a vital part of every diet, the type of sugar found in sweets can cause more harm than good.

It should be noted that dogs do need sugar. They also require carbohydrates to function. However, we do not need to give them candy owing to the fact there is no value-added.

Excess intake of such may lead to conditions such as inflammation in the body. Here are a few effects of your dog consuming candy:

Stomach discomfort

Vomit and diarrhea can be a bit messy! You certainly do not want a situation where you always shave to clean up your dog’s mess.

Hence, if you want to avoid this, ensure that you do not give them food items that contain sugar such as cotton candy.

The simple scientific explanation for this is that just like humans, dogs do require a certain amount of bacteria to be able to properly digest the food consumed, hence the need for balance. 

When they consume sugar beyond what they are used to, it creates a situation where the body has to struggle to keep up thus leading to an upset.

They are Toxic!

Your average cotton candy most probably contains two things; xylitol and chocolate both of which I wouldn’t recommend for your dog.

First and foremost, chocolate is made up of theobromine which can be quite harmful to your dog.

Humans may be able to easily digest theobromine, but dogs aren’t that lucky. Theobromine can be medically used as a heart stimulant, diuretics, muscle relaxants, and heart stimulants.

Because your dog may not be able to process them, it leads to vomiting, racing heart, thirst, restlessness, and a few others.

On the other hand, the Xylitol content can lead to a case of hypoglycemia in dogs. Also, it may cause the liver to fail.

It is therefore advisable that you go through the label of items you are buying for your dog to know if they contain them.

Teeth Issues

Well, this shouldn’t be too difficult to explain and comprehend as it applies to us humans as well.

The simple truth is that too much sugar is never good for your teeth! The chemistry behind this is that the bacteria in your dog’s mouth use it which then produces acid. These acids lead to a decline in the minerals in the outer coating of your dog thus leading to dental diseases.

However, we would be deceiving ourselves to believe that we can avoid sugar. Everything, your dog eats has some link to sugar; at best we can limit their carbohydrate intake while also brushing their teeth.

You should also make it a duty to check your dog’s teeth periodically and do the needful as required.

Weight issues

Dogs too can become obese, yes you heard that right! If you constantly load your dog with sugar, they are bound to increase in weight; this, in turn, leads to a burden on their joints.

Other accompanying issues include joint problems, lethargy, heart disease as well as difficulty breathing.

Even if your dog is lucky enough to avoid the aforementioned conditions, chances are high that its quality of life would be greatly affected.

Several life-threatening conditions such as respiratory and heart issues, arthritis, and diabetes have been linked to obesity in dogs.

Metabolic issues

An increase in sugar automatically means an increase in insulin and this is required to use and store sugar.

Insulin has a couple of effects on your hormonal system and this can cause changes in fat storage, energy levels, immune system, and muscle tone of your dog. Such changes usually cause less active, weaker, and fat dogs that are easily prone to hormone-linked conditions.

It has been scientifically proven that sugar can indeed have some long-term effects on the metabolism and body of your dog.

Just as in the case of humans, the most common issues emanating from this include diabetes and obesity.  Worst still is the fact that these conditions come with a long list of issues.


Did I just hear you sigh?  It seems like dogs are having the same issues as human beings right?  Well, the simple truth is that dogs have their limits when it comes to what they can consume per time.

If they go on gaining weight, you can be sure that the accompanying health issues will keep increasing.

Since dogs cannot hit the gym or skip ropes, it becomes imperative to be mindful of what they consume. Weight gain is one easy way for dogs to develop type-2-diabetes.

Can Dogs Eat Cotton CandyWhen dogs have this condition, they are unable to process sugar because the pancreas does not produce as much sugar as required?

What Should You Do If Your Dog Eats A Candy Wrapper?

By now you must know that eating candy wrappers with or without the candy in them can be quite dangerous.

This is mainly because the digestive system may be affected and such leads to serious damage to the dog. There are a few things you should be mindful of if such a thing happens;

How Do I Know My Dog Has Swallowed A Cotton Candy Wrapper?

You do not need to have an X-ray machine to know if your dog has swallowed anything dangerous.

However, depending on the size of the item swallowed, they may go unnoticed, but have it at the back of your mind that your dogs eating the wrapper can cause serious issues for them.

Many issues may arise from your dog eating candy wrappers, mainly due to the xylitol content that causes seizures, vomiting, and some other issues. The symptoms of issues caused by this may begin to appear within thirty minutes.

Also, chocolate toxicity is another condition that may lead to issues if your pet eats candy-laced wrappers. This, in turn, leads to conditions such as low blood pressure, diarrhea, seizures, and vomiting.

How Can You Treat A Dog That Has Swallowed A Cotton Candy Wrapper?

If you have suspicions about your dog eating a cotton candy wrapper, you should consider taking it for an X-ray at the veterinary.

More often than not, surgery may not be required, there may however be a need for the intestine to be lubricated to help improve digestion.

Also, you may want to feed your dog fibrous foods as this should help get the wrapper out of your dog’s system.

If your dog has consumed a candy wrapper that has xylitol inside it, the veterinary doctor may advise ways to cause it to vomit. The doctor may also take it through testing to ascertain the level of toxicity suffered by the dog.

Bottom Line

There is nothing wrong with you showing your dog how much you love them, after all, they are man’s best friend! However, true love ensures that ill is not done to the other; hence, you must be mindful of what it is that causes distress to your dog.

I believe we have been able to show you why cotton candies aren’t the best thing your dog should be gnawing on, hence, they should be kept far away.

Keep your dogs healthy at all times by keeping them far away from sugary items while taking them for regular checks with your local vet.