adopting a dog from us

What do I do first?

Submitting an adoption application is the very first step. It takes 5 minutes or less! Just click on one of our dogs, then click Apply for Adoption. Applying for one animal does NOT guarantee you that animal, nor does it lock you in for that particular animal. If you're approved, you're approved for any available animal!

Find someone you like?

If a certain pup intrigues you, just click on their name for a little more info. Remember it when you submit your application!

What do I get?

Click below to find a comprehensive list of what's required/included when you adopt a dog from us.

adoptable dogs

Don't know which one you want?

It can be hard to choose just one! Remember, an approved application is good for any available pet! Click the button below to fill out an adoption application for any of our dogs.