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Alternatives to Surrendering Your Pet

Before surrendering your pet to the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society, please consider the following alternatives. At OLHS, our goal is to see companion animals remain in their homes as cherished family members.


Why are you considering surrendering your pet?

Behavior Issues


Can't Afford Care

Domestic or Disaster Situation

Moving/Inadequate Housing


Too Many Animals

Unexpected Litter


In the event that these alternative resources don't address the circumstances you are experiencing with your pet, continue reading for information about surrender process.


Surrendering Your Pet


The Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society is open 12-5 Monday through Saturday to accept animals. Please do not bring your animal to the shelter outside of our operating hours.


What should I bring with my animal?  

Registration Paperwork - If you are surrendering a purebred animal, please bring his/her registration paperwork. Purebred animals often have a higher chance of adoption, and we cannot list an animal as purebred without the paperwork.

Medical and Behavior Records - Please bring any medical history, vaccination records, or behavior assessments you may have for your animal. 

Donations - OLHS depends largely on donations to care for the more than 120 animals we house at the shelter on a daily basis. We do not require a surrender fee, but request that you contribute to the care of your animal while he/she is at our shelter. Monetary and in-kind (food, bowls, bedding, crates, collars, leashes, etc.) donations are accepted.

Surrender Form - OLHS requires that the owner completes a surrender form at the time of surrender. It will help expedite the process if you fill out the paperwork before bringing your animal to the shelter. Please take the time to fill out the paperwork completely so we will be able to place the animal in the most suitable home.

Canine Surrender Form

Feline Surrender Form

Small Mammal/Exotic Animal Surrender Form 


What happens to my animal after I surrender him/her?

Upon arrival to the shelter, OLHS will perform a health and temperament examination. Animals must demonstrate manageable health and behavior in a shelter environment in order to be made available for adoption. Once your animal passes the health and behavior assessment, he/she will be given the necessary vaccinations and deworming treatments. The animal's picture and information will be placed on our website and affiliated adoption websites. We also feature many of our adoptable animals in local newspapers and on our Facebook page.

The Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society is firm in its support of humane and compassionate treatment of every animal. No matter the health or temperament of the animal, each is guaranteed food, fresh water, treats and toys, a warm bed/blankets, and heated/air-conditioned shelter while they are at OLHS. 


Can I check on my animal?

Owners are welcome to follow their animal's progress on our website and Facebook page. Owners can visit the animal at the shelter, although this can sometimes be detrimental to the animal's mental health, as many have separation anxiety already which can be enhanced by sporadic visitation.

OLHS is unable to release any of the adopter's information. If you wish, we can provide the adopter with your contact information, but initiating contact with you is entirely up to them.


What if I want my animal back?

When an animal is surrendered by his/her owner, the owner unconditionally surrenders all ownership rights to the animal(s) to the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society. If an owner wants to reclaim an animal he/she has surrendered, he/she must fill out the adoption application and apply to re-adopt the animal. The owner must pay all applicable adoption fees. 



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