Prevent a Litter (PAL) Program

More than 73,000 animals are euthanized in the state of Mississippi each year. This statistic is from 2008, and you can bet the numbers have risen since then.

At the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society, we average 4,300-4,600 animal surrenders each year, and despite our best efforts, many of these unwanted animals do not find new homes. Many of the litters surrendered to the shelter are in extremely bad shape. Some are only days old, some are sick with deadly viruses, some have their eyes and nostrils completely crusted shut from upper respiratory infections. Many are infested with internal and external parasites and many are emaciated. They are born into a world of misery, and in many cases, the most humane thing to do is to end their suffering. The only way to decrease the number of animals euthanized each year is to decrease the number of animals that enter the shelter every year. 

OLHS started the need-based, low-cost Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) several years ago. By partnering with local veterinary hospitals, OLHS has been able to spay and neuter owned animals at a low cost on a daily basis. In 2011, 340 dogs and 170 cats were spayed/neutered through that program. However, there are still people who are unable to pay for those services, and the litters from their animals still enter the doors of our shelter almost on a yearly basis. Something is not working. We must think outside of the box for a different solution.

To coincide with World Spay Day 2012, the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society launched a new program: the Prevent a Litter (PAL) Program. The idea is simple: one person sponsors the spay/neuter of an owned animal, and thus prevents a litter from entering the doors of our shelter. To qualify for the program, the animal's owner must fill out the application below and provide adequate documentation of their financial situation. If approved, that person is put on a waiting list, and we will contact him/her when funds are available to spay/neuter their animal.

You may be wondering why you should donate your hard-earned money to spay/neuter an animal owned by someone else. By donating to the PAL Program, you will be directly responsible for decreasing the number of homeless, unwanted, and abandoned animals that are surrendered to OLHS each year, and thus directly responsible for decreasing the number of animals that OLHS is forced to euthanize each year.  

We cannot fight this epidemic of pet overpopulation alone; this needs to be a community effort. Please join our shelter and shelters across the nation in the fight to give every animal a chance at a loving home, and to prevent the birth of unwanted litters. You do not have to donate the full cost of a spay/neuter surgery; every penny helps us reach our goal of spaying and neutering as many animals as we possibly can. If you are interested in donating the exact cost of spaying/neutering an animal, the cost breakdown is below.

Donations can be made at the shelter anytime from 12-5 Monday through Saturday, or mailed to to the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society at 413 McElroy Drive, Oxford MS 38655. You may also donate through PayPal via the link below. Please specify that your donation is to the PAL Program.


Feline male neuter: $55
Feline female spay: $70
Small canine spay/neuter: $70
Medium canine spay/neuter: $80
Large canine spay/neuter: $90
X-Large canine spay/neuter: $105